Safety First!

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By visiting this website it is perhaps safe to assume that you are looking to purchase a quality used BMW, a marque with a strong reputation for reliability and safety.  Today's modern cars are inherently safer than ever, with multiple air-bags, electronic stability and traction control systems, crash 'crumple zones' and other safety conscious design features.

Lincolnshire roads, unfortunately, do not have as enviable a safety reputation as BMWs!  At Roy Alexander we want our customers to return to us when the time comes to upgrade their vehicle and NOT become an accident statistic!  Consequently we provide these pages and links to further information to raise awareness of safe driving, in what we hope is an informative yet easy to digest manner.

In our view there are three key 'design' factors that influence motoring safety.  Each of these has limits to keep within and all are inter-related:-
  1. The design of the vehicle & road systems
    These are constantly evolving and improving.
  2. The design of the law
    This is constantly evolving and, depending whether you fall foul of it, improving!
  3. The design of the driver
    The permutations are almost endless and is perhaps the hardest factor to influence.  No matter what safety improvements there are in vehicles, roads and the law the driver is ultimately the deciding factor in road safety.
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